CIM Magazine profiles of Canadian women in mining

Continuing to celebrate Canadian history month, we offer a collection of CIM Magazine profiles of Canadian women in mining then and now.

Kathleen Rice: Trailblazing the Manitoba wilds

In a field dominated by men, Kathleen Rice forged her own path through constant adversity to become Canada’s first female prospector.

Respect, hard-won

From hourly labourer to supervisor, Lynn Brunette has proven she (and other women) can succeed in mining.

Checking the pulse on gender equity

At the University of Saskatchewan, Jocelyn Peltier-Huntley is researching the state of diversity and inclusion in today’s mining industry

Clothing as culture

Covergalls founder Alicia Woods wants women to feel they belong in the industry.

Staking out a new career

Liane Boyer turned to prospecting for the flexibility to raise a family, and the thrill of the chase.

First female mine rescue team fundraising to attend international competition

Canada’s “Diamonds in the Rough” will be the first ever all-female team to attend the International Mines Rescue Competition.

Invention born of necessity

Engineer Theresa Nyabeze takes a do-it-yourself approach to diversity.

“We engineer for everyone, so engineering should be for everyone”

Amanda Kalhous says diversity of thought is key for innovation and engineering.

The tightrope between two worlds

Martha Manuel is building partnerships with First Nations at New Gold’s B.C. operations, but this often means walking a fine line between the cultural beliefs she’s been raised with and the industry she works in.

On the frontline of the push for gender equity in mining

Over a decades-long career, Barbara Caelles advocated for gender equity and developed strong networks for women in British Columbia’s mining industry.

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