The making of a mining geophysicist

“The fact that mining geophysics was in its infancy was one of the attractions to become involved. All that were needed to succeed in the early days were an inquisitive mind, an understanding of physics and a strong desire to find out what was under the ground.” Norman Patterson

Mining Geophysics: A Canadian Story recounts how a handful of Canadians, the author included, helped make Canada the foremost nation in the world in the exploration for mineral resources. A few examples of mines that were discovered using geophysics include Kidd Creek in Ontario, Thompson in Manitoba and Heath Steele in New Brunswick. The author participated in several discoveries, including Mattagami in Quebec and Pine Point in Northwest Territories. 

But what sets this book apart, aside from giving the reader a good history and understanding of the field of mining geophysics, is it tells the stories – often with humour – of the pioneers who showed the world a new way to find mines.

Author and long-esteemed mining geophysicist Norman Reed Paterson talked with CIM Magazine to discuss his  book, published by CIM. 

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