Shifting Perceptions through Social Responsibility & Education Awards 

As we continue our month-long celebration of perception at CIM, we’re excited to highlight our “Social Responsibility & Education Awards” category. These awards emphasize the transformative impact of individuals who are dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and education within the mining industry. 

Two notable awards within this category are the Diversity & Inclusion Award and the CIM Distinguished Lecturers Award.  

The Diversity & Inclusion Award recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to improving diversity and inclusion in the Canadian mining industry. It acknowledges individuals who have either initiated a special project or demonstrated consistent achievements over at least three years. 

The CIM Distinguished Lecturers Award honours individuals for their accomplishments in scientific, technical, management, or education activities related to the minerals industry. These distinguished lecturers are chosen to speak at CIM Branch and Student Chapter meetings across the country, sharing their knowledge and expertise. 

In 2022, Maureen Jensen received the CIM Distinguished Lecturer Award. As a former Chair and CEO of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), she has held several senior positions at the Toronto Stock Exchange and boasts a 20-year career in the mining exploration industry. Maureen currently serves as Vice Chair of the Board of the Toronto Centre, Chair of OBSI (Ombudsman for the Banking and Securities Industry), a public governor of FINRA, and is Chair of The Prosperity Project. Her extensive experience and accomplishments make her an inspiring figure in the industry. 

As an Honorary Distinguished Lecturer from the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame 2022-23, Maureen Jensen speaks on the topic of “Miners embracing change in the Industrial Revolution 4.0.” Her insights are invaluable to the industry as it navigates challenges and opportunities.  

As CIM celebrates 125 years of history, we are proud to acknowledge the trailblazers who are transforming the industry through their commitment to social responsibility and education. Their efforts help shift perceptions and pave the way for a more inclusive and knowledgeable future for the Canadian mining, metallurgy, and petroleum industries. Stay tuned for more exciting highlights throughout the month as we continue to celebrate the remarkable achievements within our community. 

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