Winning at the Canadian Mining Games

Darshan (third from the left) and his fellow participants at the 2023 Canadian Mining Games, where he participated in the Health and Safety challenge and win third prize. He also participated in the Project Evaluation as well as in the Crisis Management events. | Courtesy of Darshan Shah
As a Mechanical Engineering student participating in the 2023 Canadian Mining Games, I received valuable experience in learning and understanding the different areas of mining and the operations needed to perform the mining tasks look seamless. The Games also helped me make friends in the industry as well as get me exposure among the mining professionals. Winning an award in the Health and Safety Event definitely boosted my morale and self-confidence and it made me more visible to the recruiters and mining professionals who were already working and are recognized in the industry. One take from the Mining Games was to never be afraid of something you don’t know. Just giving your absolute best to your abilities can do wonders, not just in the event but also during my time in Canada.
– submitted by Darshan Shah, Laurentian University student from Ahmedabad, India
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