Embracing Diversity & Inclusion in the Mining Industry 

Diversity & Inclusion Award Winners (clockwise from top left): Donna Beneteau (2022), Debra Shewfelt (2021); David Pathe (2020); Mafalda Arias (2019); Nancy Komperdo (2018); Catharine Shaw (2017).

As part of our month-long exploration of perception, we’re excited to showcase the prestigious Diversity & Inclusion Award, which recognizes exceptional contributions to diversity and inclusion within the Canadian mining industry. 

The Diversity & Inclusion Award, sponsored by the CIM Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee (DIAC), honours individuals who have made significant efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive environment within the industry. It acknowledges those who have spearheaded special initiatives or achieved consistent results over an extended period of at least three years. This award aims to encourage new entrants to contribute to diversity and inclusion and focuses on candidates who have not yet been recognized or received awards in this area, particularly within the CIM community. 

In 2022, the deserving winner of the Diversity & Inclusion Award was Donna Beneteau, an Assistant Professor in the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. With a BSc in Geological Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a MSc in Mineral Resources Engineering from Laurentian University, Donna has built an impressive career spanning backfill research, mine engineering, and consulting. 

Donna’s passion for outreach and public education has made a significant impact on the industry. Her volunteer work centres around providing students with the information and contacts they need to consider mining as a viable education and career choice. Currently, Donna is working on a passion project in collaboration with the mining industry to complete a historical Canadian mining database. 

As CIM celebrates its 125-year legacy, we are proud to acknowledge and support trailblazers like Donna Beneteau who are championing diversity and inclusion within the mining industry. Their unwavering dedication is crucial to shifting perceptions and fostering a more inclusive and representative future for the Canadian mining, metallurgy, and petroleum sectors. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories as we continue to highlight remarkable achievements within our community throughout this month-long celebration! 

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